5 positive reinforcement ideas for kids

Parenting is tough, and it is easy to fall into the trap of focusing on the ways you want your children to change rather than emphasizing all of the good in their personalities, behaviors and character. 

As a mom, I am working on approaching behavior with a variety of tactics. I believe there is time for consequences and discipline. However, I have seen a huge difference in my kids as I began to focus on the positive, compliment them and put in systems for reward. We want to avoid the trap of being critical. I hope you are motivated by at least one of the great strategies I am featuring today. Some of these ideas were made for a classroom but are easily adapted for the home.


1.  Good Deed Card by Eighteen25

Imagine how much fun your kids will have with their own punch card. This good deed punch card will excite your child every time they get their card punch for doing a good deed, eventually leading to a treat! 


2. Printable Behavior Chart by A Little Tipsy

Your child will love watching their points fill up so that they can earn their sought after prize.


3. Dazzling Deeds Good Behavior Jar by Mama Miss

These good behavior jars are adorable and a great way to work on a variety of behaviors. I love the bright colors and child-friendly design that becomes a statement in a room.


4. Rewards Coupons by My Frugal Adventures

did some sample rewards that you can print such as staying up a little late or dinner of your choice or you can print out blank coupons and fill in a reward that works for you! This is a really cute way to surprise children for working hard or just trying to do their best- let them know you notice and appreciate it!

I really like this idea because you can fill in activities to spend time with the kids rather then just buying them things.  We started this awhile back in our house- I tend to plan a lot of activities and treats and fun things for my children and it dawned on me one day that they should be earning these rewards


5. Chore Chart by All Things Mama

irst we started with a simple Chore Chart that I found at Sutton Grace.  I love that this one is a little modern and is editable.  You can’t save it to your computer, but you can personalize it each week.  I came up with some easy chores such as: brush your teeth, make your bed and get dressed.  Along with some harder chores that would require some help or a little more effort – wipe down sinks, empty bathroom trash, and vacuum floors


I hope you find these positive reinforcement ideas for kids help you to begin to notice and recognize the things your children are doing well.

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